The idea of my own clothing line was born on a sunny afternoon while walking around the lively streets of Miami, when somebody stopped me asking me about my first DIY made RZ hat. The concept of creating something unique, exclusive, timeless and cosmopolitan thrilled me. I wanted to create something that went far beyond a clothing item. I wanted it to speak about me, my world, my personality and my daily life.

I wanted it to be inspired by and inspire with my experiences, travels, personal taste and all the cultures I had the luck to get in touch with in all these years of modelling. I wanted RZ to be an experience, a lifestyle choice. And what I was absolutely sure about, was that I wanted to create something to be shared with all my friends and supporters around the world.

A very small selection of timeless pieces. RZ style is casual chic, with rock n’roll details, and the subtle sexy touch of a deep V neck or open back. It is comfortable and perfect for any occasion. Easy to wear, easy to combine, and made with top quality fabrics made in Italy and Spain. The look of the cool woman next door. 

Welcome to the RZ world. Welcome to the Rock n' Gold life.
International sizes for Renata Zanchi Collection